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The Comprehensive Plan or Comp Plan is a long-range policy document required to be maintained per Florida Statutes of all Florida local government. It is essentially a blueprint to guide the future development of Miami Shores Village in order to maintain a thriving, sustainable community. You can find the 2025 Comprehensive Plan here.

Early 2022, Miami Shores Village identified a series of internal inconsistencies in the 2025 Comprehensive Plan resulting from the 2018 EAR update – specifically certain discrepancies between the text of the Future Land Use Element and the Future Land Use Map of the Plan that are not adequately supported by background data and technical analysis. It is critical that these discrepancies are corrected quickly to protect all Village property owners from having a potentially inaccurate land use designation on their property, which in turn may lead to incorrect property assessments and conflicting zoning, among other risks.

On July 13, 2022, the Ordinance was presented to and reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Board where it was unanimously approved. Then, the Ordinance was presented and reviewed by Village Council on July 19, 2022, where it failed after receiving a tied vote of 2-2. The Ordinance was subsequently revised to include all comments received during the public hearings.

On September 25, 2022, a public informative workshop was held at Barry University and provided a learning opportunity to engage the public as well as provided additional information regarding the amendment of the Village Comprehensive Plan. The PowerPoint of the presentation can be accessed here. In addition, please click here for our facts sheet on the Comprehensive Plan. 

During the October 18, 2022 Council meeting, the ordinance draft dated 10-07-22 was postponed to be heard again during the December 6, 2022. 

In addition, during the November 1, 2022 Council meeting, the hearing date was modified to December 14, 2022.

A Comprehensive Plan Workshop meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 30th from 6pm-9pm at the Miami Shores Country Club located at 10000 Biscanye Blvd. Miami Shores, FL 33138



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December 14, 2022 Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing Meeting to be held at the Community Center



Miami Shores Village Comprehensive Plan

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Claudia C. Hasbun, AICP
Planning, Zoning & Resiliency Director
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